Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sink or Swim

Unless something goes horribly wrong, this is the last semester of my undergraduate career, and my stint of eight year (yes that's right, eight horribly long years) "super senior" will be drawing to a close. I guess at that point I will have to find some other subject matter to blog about. I feel as though I am incessantly talking about school. But hey aside from school, work and Aaron I don't have much of a life or time for anything else. That is except for of course, my other true love, Costco, but you already know my feelings on that subject matter.

I am excited to be done, but I am also kinda scared. School has been my shelter, my excuse, and a big part of my life for nearly the last decade. While I am definitely ready to say good bye to those obnoxious 18 year old, graduated with my little brother, I babysat you when you were little, freshmen (mostly they just make me feel like an old married lady) I am slightly scared to step from the shelter of college and enter "the real world".

I realize that rationally this makes no sense at all. However life's questions such as working at a job I'm not that interested in and don't love and our apparent lack of children, cannot simply be answered with the excuse of school. This is by no means an announcement (one would be a fool to take it as such) I am merely using those two things to illustrate my point. Which simply put is this: I feel like I have to grow up now and face reality. I'm scared to death because I have been happy in the land of denial and graduation feels like a swift kick in the.... out of the land of denial and ejecting me into the ocean (I hate the ocean, it makes me very uneasy) of accountability.

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Jessica said...

That's totally normal! We all go through that at graduation. It's a freaky, terrifying feeling. But you'll be awesome. You're smart and capable and the world is probably just waiting to snatch you up. And dude, the ocean rocks.